Title:Subida a Urraki
Tracklength:6300 metres (until 2016: 6700 metres)
Elevation change:490 metres
Altitude finishline:630 metres
GPS coordinates:43° 10′ 24″ – -2° 14′ 58″
Fastest Time:2:47,240
Average Speed:144,22 km/h

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Subida a Urraki – List of Winners
16/09/2001Aitor ZabaletaLola Telefonica3:50,680Results
15/09/2002Aitor ZabaletaLola Telefonica2:59,500Results
21/09/2003Aitor ZabaletaLola Diamante2:55,330Results
12/09/2004Ander VilariñoReynard F30002:47,240Results
04/09/2005Ander VilariñoReynard F30002:52,350Results
08/10/2006Gorka ApalantzaSpeed Car3:10,414Results
01/07/2007Gorka ApalantzaSpeed Car GTR3:09,160Results
26/10/2008Egoi Eder ValdésSilver Car3:08,860Results
25/10/2009Iñigo MartinezSilver Car S23:15,652Results
24/10/2010Aritz EgozcueSilver Car S23:06,070Results
23/10/2011Aitor ZabaletaLola BMW3:05,674Results
18/11/2012Aitor ArakistainSilver Car S23:37,906Results
20/10/2013Aitor ZabaletaLola Dome BMW2:58,045Results
19/10/2014Arkaitz OrdokiSilver Car S23:04,958Results
18/10/2015Joseba IraolaDemon Car3:05,184Results
16/10/2016Joseba IraolaDemon Car R342:56,932Results
22/10/2017Iñaki AiertzaMitsubishi Lancer EVO IX3:38,370Results
21/10/2018Aitor ZabaletaLola T298 BMW3:03,354Results
20/10/2019Aitor ZabaletaLola T298 BMW3:17,837Results

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