Title:Subida a Udana
Tracklength:4460 metres
Elevation change:215 metres
Altitude finishline:505 metres
GPS coordinates:43° 1′ 24.5994″ – -2° 22′ 40.8″
Fastest Time:2:11,667
Average Speed:121,94 km/h

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Subida a Udana – List of Winners
14/07/2001Aitor ZabaletaLola BMW2:28,53Results
13/10/2002Aitor ZabaletaLola Telefonica2:17,50Results
02/05/2010Aitor ZabaletaLola BMW2:32,22Results
30/04/2011Aitor ZabaletaLola BMW2:21,144Results
28/04/2012David ArdionsMitsubishi Lancer EVO VII2:46,429Results
08/06/2013Aitor ArakistainSilver Car S22:44,991Results
14/06/2014Aitor ZabaletaLola BMW2:13,884Results
13/06/2015Joseba IraolaDemon Car2:49,683Results
25/06/2016Aitor ZabaletaLola BMW2:14,298Results
24/06/2017Aitor ZabaletaLola BMW2:15,881Results
23/06/2018Aitor ZabaletaLola BMW2:11,667Results
27/07/2019Joseba OleaDemon Car R22:48,187Results

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