Title:Subida a Trassierra
Tracklength:3950 metres (2017-18: 4500 metres)
Elevation change:198 metres (5,95%) (2017-18: 272,5 metres)
Altitude finishline:445 metres
GPS coordinates:37° 54′ 6″ – -4° 50′ 2″
Fastest Time:2:10,127
Average Speed:124,49 km/h

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Subida a Trasierra – List of Winners
1969Bernard TramontAlpine Renault
1970Jaime SanzMini Cooper
1971Luis BarrenaFormula 1430
1972Jaime SanzMini Cooper
1974José Luis VilchesAlpine Renault
1975Luciano OteroMarch F2
1976José Maria LuengoSelex F1800
1977José Luis GomezSelex F1800
1978José Miguel VicenteSelex F1800
1979Arcadio ArandaAlpine Renault
1980José Luis GomezSelex ST-4
1981José Luis GomezSelex ST-4
1982Juan FernandezLola BMW
1983Juan FernandezLola BMW
1984Juan LlagosteraOsella BMW
1985Fernando GomezToi BMW
1986Pancho EgozkueLola BMW
1987Pancho EgozkueLola BMW
1988Pancho EgozkueOsella BMW
2002Adolfo PosadaOsella PA20/S BMW
2003José GallardoOsella PA20/S BMW
30-31/10/2004Antonio MartinBRC CM022:47,129Results
04-05/06/2005Gorka ApalantzaBRC CM022:19,559Results
04-05/03/2006Gorka ApalantzaSpeed Car GT2:19,726Results
03-04/03/2007Lauren GarciaBRC CM05 EVO2:19,035Results
15-16/11/2014Jonathan AlvarezBRC CM05 EVO2:12,444Results
24-25/11/2017Christian BrobergRadical PR62:10,127Results
01-02/12/2018Antonio De Los RiosSilver Car S22:16,989Results
30/11-01/12/2019Ismael ArqueroNorma M20 FC4:55,927Results

870614_trassierra 141116_trasierra

Subida a Trassierra – Accomodation

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