Title:Subida Tierra Dura (Secadura)
Tracklength:3570 metres (until 2015: 3500 metres)
Elevation change:285 metres
Altitude finishline:350 metres
GPS coordinates:43° 21′ 19″ – -3° 32′ 15″
Fastest Time:1:56,749
Average Speed:110,08 km/h

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Subida Tierra Dura (Secadura) – List of Winners
23/10/2010Borja RuizPVP EFE4:12,13Results
15/12/2012Joseba IraolaSilver Car S24:20,30Results
14/12/2013Juan CastilloSilver Car S24:27,42Results
13/12/2014Juan CastilloSpeedcar GTR EVO4:20,49Results
14/11/2015Manuel CaboNissan GT-R4:27,95Results
18/11/2017Joseba IraolaNorma M20 FC1:56,749Results
03/11/2018Pantxo EgozkueOsella PA20002:01,047Results

101023_secadura 131215_secadura

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