Title:Subida Santo Emiliano
Tracklength:5200 metres
Elevation change:298 metres (5,34%)
Altitude finishline:520 metres
GPS coordinates:43° 17′ 59.9994″ – -5° 41′ 29.76″
Fastest Time:4:11,725 (2 runs)
Average Speed:148,73 km/h

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Subida a Santo Emiliano – List of Winners
1973“El Pibe”Alpine A110
1974E. BaturoneFormula 2
1977F. NicolasFormula 1800
1988Luis MartinezMartini Alfa
1989Luis MartinezLola BMW
1990Luis MartinezLola BMW
1991Luis MartinezLola BMW
1992Luis MartinezLola BMW
1993Aitor ZabaletaLola BMW
1994Andrés VilariñoNorma
1995Aitor ZabaletaLola BMW
1996Aitor ZabaletaLola BMW
1997Aitor ZabaletaLola BMW
1998Aitor ZabaletaLola BMW
1999Andrés VilariñoOsella PA20
2000Xavi RieraBMW 320 ST
2001Xavi RieraBMW 320 ST
22-23/06/2002Victor Abraham GutierrezVan Diemen FR4:55,912Results
21-22/06/2003Andrés VilariñoReynard F30004:20,209Results
19-20/06/2004Oscar PalacioSpeed Car2:26,185Results
18-19/06/2005Gorka ApalantzaBRC CM022:23,873Results
17-18/06/2006Josep Maria GuitartBRC CM022:23,435Results
16-17/06/2007Roberto FueyoSilver Car2:21,853Results
14-15/06/2008José Antonio RománBRC CM05 EVO2:21,912Results
13-14/06/2009Pedro RocaSilver Car S22:19,643Results
12-13/06/2010Pedro RocaSilver Car S22:40,419Results
11-12/06/2011Oscar PalacioSilver Car S22:19,445Results
16-17/06/2012Javier VillaBRC CM05 EVO7:03,796Results
22-23/06/2013Andrés VilariñoNorma M20F6:36,533Results
21-22/06/2014Andrés VilariñoOsella PA20006:20,520Results
20-21/06/2015Javier VillaBRC B-492:30,953Results
18-19/06/2016Andrés VilariñoNorma M20 FC4:15,894Results
17-18/06/2017Andrés VilariñoNorma M20 FC4:11,725Results
23-24/06/2018Javier VillaBRC BR534:21,142Results
22-23/06/2019Javier VillaBRC BR534:25,866Results

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Subida a Santo Emiliano – Accomodation

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