Title:Pujada a Sant Mateu de Bages
Tracklength:5000 metres
Elevation change:309 metres (6,18%)
Altitude finishline:530 metres
GPS coordinates:41° 47′ 12″ – 1° 46′ 44″
Fastest Time:2:38,679
Average Speed:113,44 km/h

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Pujada a Sant Mateu de Bages – List of Winners
06/05/2007Jordi EnjuanesVan Diemen RF952:44,229Results
18/05/2008Jordi MartinezSpeed Car GTR2:42,813Results
17/05/2009Fernando AltimiraBRC CM022:43,845Results
16/05/2010Fernando AltimiraBRC CM022:50,092
10/04/2011Sergi PañellaSilver Car S22:43,119Results
22/04/2012Sergi PañellaSilver Car S22:43,100Results
28/04/2013Francesc MunnéDemon Car3:18,529Results
06/04/2014Jordi GalofreSpeed Car2:42,589Results
19/04/2015Pedro MayolSilver Car S22:41,777Results
17/04/2016Francesc MunneDemon Car2:41,118Results
23/04/2017Francesc MunneDemon Car R342:41,169Results
15/04/2018Francesc MunneDemon Car2:39,835Results
14/04/2019Francesc MunneDemon Car2:38,679Results

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Pujada a Sant Mateu de Bages – Accomodation

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