Title:Subida a San Miguel de Abona
Place:San Miguel de Abona
Tracklength:5100 metres
Elevation change:340 metres
Altitude finishline:995 metres
GPS coordinates:28° 5′ 45″ – -16° 38′ 11″
Fastest Time:2:36,234
Average Speed:119,28 km/h

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Subida a San Miguel de Abona – List of Winners
1975Javier AcostaFord Escort
1976Hilario GomezFormula Lince
1977Tomas GimenoLancia Delta
1981Francisco SaavedraFormula Selex
1991Tomas GimenoMercedes 190E
1992José Luis RiveroFord Sierra Cosworth
1993José Luis RiveroMG Metro 6R4
1994Ricardo AveroLola T298
1995Pedro PerezOsella BMW
1996Ricardo AveroLola T298
1997Ricardo AveroLola T298
1998Ricardo AveroLola T298
1999Ricardo AveroLola T298
2000Carlos AlonsoOsella PA9/90
2001Carlos HernandezBMW M3
2002Felix BritoFord Escort Cosworth
2003Ricardo AveroLola T298
2004Carlos AlonsoOsella PA9/90
2006Cesar CorreaBRC Suzuki
2007Enrique CruzBRC Suzuki
2008José Manuel GonzalezBRC Suzuki
17/10/2009José Manuel GonzalezBRC Suzuki2:37,365Results
08/05/2010José Manuel GonzalezBRC Suzuki2:36,234Results
12/03/2011José Manuel GonzalezBRC Suzuki2:37,073Results
31/03/2012Jonathan MoralesSilver Car3:04,312Results
23/11/2019Lauren GarciaPorsche 997 GT32:37,066Results

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Subida a San Miguel de Abona – Accomodation

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