Title:Pujada a Prades / Memorial Jordi Plana
Tracklength:4031 metres (1980-2001: 6650 metres)
Elevation change:190 metres (4,25%) (1980-2001: 285 metres)
Altitude finishline:965 metres
GPS coordinates:41° 21′ 5″ – 1° 1′ 24″
Fastest Time:2:38,101
Average Speed:91,79 km/h
Short FactsPart of the European Hillclimb Championship in 1982 and 1983.
Tracklength 1971-1974: 10000 metres.
Tracklength 1976-1979: 7000 metres
Blue pinpoint on the map shows the 2018 finishline.

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Pujada a Prades – List of Winners
1971Juan KutzMarch 7226:12,10
1972Francisco AnetSelex ST37:12,11
1973Jorge PlaLola6:36,18
1974Juan FernandezAbarth 20006:34,60
1976Juan FernandezOsella4:47,11
1977Juan FernandezLola BMW4:47,19
1978Jean ClaudeMarch 7324:41,70
1979Juan FernandezLola BMW4:40,62
1980Juan FernandezLola S4:32,75
1981Juan FernandezLola BMW4:30,52
1982Juan FernandezLola BMW8:15,51
1983Herbert StengerOsella PA98:26,12
1984Juan FernandezOsella4:04,94
1985Fermin VelezLola BMW4:08,98
1986Joan VinyesLola BMW4:07,35
1987Francisco EgozkueLola BMW4:12,28
1988Francisco EgozkueOsella BMW4:11,76
1989Juan FernandezOsella3:52,15
1999Jordi EnjuanesVan Diemen RF954:08,77
2000Richard AnadonReynard Spiess4:16,50
2001José Vicente ArnauOsella PA9/904:02,00
06/05/2018Edgar MontellaSpeed Car GTR2:38,101Results

Pujada a Prades – Accomodation

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