Title:Subida Al Piélago
Place:El Real de San Vicente
Tracklength:5500 metres
Elevation change:320 metres
Altitude finishline:1190 metres
GPS coordinates:40° 9′ 3.24″ – -4° 41′ 34.7994″
Fastest Time:2:46,652
Average Speed:118,81

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Subida al Piélago – List of Winners
02/10/2011Ruben CerezoSilver Car2:44,510Results
07/10/2012Fernando NavarreteRadical SR32:48,052Results
06/10/2013José AlonsoMRC BMW2:56,948Results
05/10/2014José AlonsoMRC BMW2:53,748Results
04/10/2015Ismael ArqueroSeat Leon3:03,335Results
02/10/2016Juan Antonio CastilloSpeed Car GTR2:46,652Results
08/10/2017Gabriel GutierrezDicode FR2:51,759Results
07/10/2018Pedro FloresTalex M272:46,913Results
06/10/2019Ismael ArqueroNorma M20 FC2:45,636Results

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