Title:Subida Peña Cabarga
Tracklength:5670 metres (2015 & 2016: 5000 metres)
Elevation change:525 metres
Altitude finishline:540 metres
GPS coordinates:43° 23′ 34.4394″ – -3° 46′ 52.6794″
Fastest Time:2:40,792
Average Speed:126,95 km/h

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Subida a Peña Cabarga – List of Winners
22/08/2004Pantxo EgozkueReynard F30002:49,150Results
17/09/2005Juan Carlos FernandezBRC Suzuki2:53,940Results
10/09/2006Borja RuizPVP Rotax2:50,130Results
08/09/2007Egoi Eder ValdesSpeed Car GT2:54,440Results
14/09/2008Juan Carlos FernandezBRC CM053:02,350Results
05/09/2009Juan Carlos FernandezBRC CM05 EVO5:43,120Results
07/08/2010Andrés VilariñoNorma M205:35,020Results
07/08/2011Oscar PalacioSilver Car S22:48,521Results
25/08/2012Juan Antonio CastilloSilver Car S25:47,880Results
25/08/2013Javier VillaBRC B-499:01,382Results
23/08/2014José Antonio Lopez-FombonaAudi A4 DTM5:38,720Results
19/09/2015Joseba IraolaDemon Car5:04,237Results
14/08/2016Angela VilariñoNorma M20F2:34,410Results
02/09/2017Joseba IraolaNorma M20 FC2:40,792Results
02/06/2018Juan Antonio CastilloSpeed Car GTR2:51,304Results
01/06/2019Miguel GutierrezDemon Car E23:02,335Results

150920_penacabarga 160814_penacabarga

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