Title:Pujada Mutxamel – Busot (Subida Mutxamel – Busot)
Tracklength:5094 metres (until 2016: 5282 metres)
Elevation change:65 metres
Altitude finishline:335 metres
GPS coordinates:38° 29′ 21″ – -0° 22′ 46.55″
Fastest Time:2:51,820
Average Speed:110,57 km/h

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Before 2013
Length: 4800 metres (Official Length)
Elevation: 240 metres (5%) (Official Elevation Change)
The official length published in the race regulations was 4800 metres. The start line was in the same position as in 2013, but the finish line was more than 1000 metres further downhill. That would indicate that the actual race length was about 4000 metres.

Pujada Mutxamel – Busot – List of Winners
24/07/2005José Vicente ArnauOsella PA9/902:25,837Results
05/11/2006Antonio LlamusiBRC2:29,111Results
28/10/2007Victor Manuel PardeiroBRC2:24,648Results
26/10/2008Sergi PañellaBRC CM052:25,188Results
25/10/2009Sergi PañellaSilver Car2:24,184Results
31/10/2010Mateo LirolaValera Silver Car2:18,178Results
09/11/2013Saul ArnauSpeed Car GT3:05,968Results
23/11/2014Sergi PañellaSilver Car S23:08,045Results
03/10/2015Saul ArnauSpeed Car GT3:08,817Results
03/12/2016Francesc MunneDemon Car2:51,820Results
11/05/2019Augusto LezcanoNorma M20F2:56,184Results

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