Title:Subida a Munco
Place:Pola de Siero
Tracklength:3815 metres
Elevation change:149 metres
Altitude finishline:360 metres
GPS coordinates:43° 23′ 49.9194″ – -5° 39′ 33.12″
Fastest Time:1:59,959
Average Speed:114,49 km/h

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Subida a Muncó – List of Winners
09/04/1978Jaime Lazcano
28/10/1979Pedro Maria Román
10/08/1980Prieto Raddi
02/08/1981Pedro Maria Román
01/08/1982Juan Fernandez
31/07/1983Juan Fernandez
04/08/1985Andrés Vilariño
03/08/1986Victor Abraham Gutierrez
02/08/1987Francisco Egozkue
30/07/1988Pantxo Egozkue
09/10/1993Victor Abraham Gutierrez
20/08/1994Luis Martinez
01/04/1995Pantxo Egozkue
04/05/1996Luis Martinez
03/05/1997Aitor Zabaleta
09/05/1998Luis Martinez
09/05/1999Victor Abraham Gutierrez
06/05/2000Andrés Vilariño
05/05/2001Andrés Vilariño
04/05/2002Pantxo EgozkueMartini MK424:37,953Results
30/05/2003Andrés VilariñoReynard F30003:53,657Results
29/05/2004Oscar PalacioSpeed Car4:11,909Results
28/05/2005Ivan SuarezSpeed Car4:11,052Results
27/05/2006José Ramon FernandezMartini MK392:01,834Results
26/05/2007Oscar PalacioOsella PA20/S2:02,276Results
31/05/2008Oscar PalacioOsella PA20/S2:16,600Results
27/06/2009Oscar PalacioOsella PA20/S2:02,958Results
29/05/2010Iñigo MartinezBRC CM05 EVO2:01,644Results
28/05/2011Oscar PalacioSilver Car S22:00,489Results
02/06/2012Oscar PalacioSilver Car S22:00,636Results
01/06/2013Angel CandasNorma M20F4:10,054Results
31/05/2014Javier VillaBRC B-491:59,959Results
30/05/2015Rafael GuardiolaReynard RF10B4:05,879Results
28/05/2016Oscar PalacioSilver Car EF104:16,867Results
27/05/2017Ismael GarciaSilver Car EF104:08,745Results
02/06/2018Oscar PalacioSilver Car EF104:03,208Results
01/06/2019Andrés VilariñoNorma M20 FC3:57,162Results

080531_munco 090627_munco 120602_munco 130601_munco 140531_munco 150530_munco 160528_munco

Subida a Munco – Accomodation

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