Title:Subida a Bahía de Mazarrón
Tracklength:3900 metres (until 2016: 4000 metres)
Elevation change:200 metres
Altitude finishline:345 metres
GPS coordinates:37° 36′ 37.08″ – -1° 12′ 30.2394″
Fastest Time:1:42,204
Average Speed:137,37 km/h

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Subida Bahia de Mazarrón – List of Winners
23/05/2010José Vicente ArnauOsella BMW1:45,120Results
29/05/2011Mateo LirolaSilver Car3:33,621Results
26/05/2012Mateo LirolaSilver Car S13:36,479Results
25/05/2013Juan BorralloBRC CM05 EVO3:51,337Results
24/05/2014Francisco HernandezSilver Car S23:51,619Results
16/05/2015Juan BorralloBRC CM05 EVO3:59,830Results
07/05/2016Francisco HernandezSilver Car S23:43,153Results
07/05/2017Francisco HernandezSilver Car S23:36,114Results
05/05/2018Sergi PañellaSilver Car EF101:44,938Results
04/05/2019Sergi PañellaBRC BR-531:42,204Results

120526_mazarron 130526_mazarron 140525_mazarron 150517_mazarron 160507_mazarron

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