Title:Subida a La Faya de Los Lobos
Tracklength:5000 metres (until 2015: 5100 metres)
Elevation change:431 metres (6,5%)
Altitude finishline:640 metres
GPS coordinates:43° 16′ 21.3594″ – -5° 34′ 0.4794″
Fastest Time:6:04,819 (2 runs)
Average Speed:98,68 km/h

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Subida a la Faya de Los Lobos – List of Winners
14/08/2010Roberto SolisBRC CM05 EVO3:05,164Results
14/08/2011Victor Manuel PardeiroMitsubishi Lancer EVO IX3:28,679Results
21/07/2012Oscar PalacioSilver Car S23:04,713Results
20/07/2013Jairo PesqueraBRC B-496:19,001Results
19/07/2014Javier VillaBRC B-493:02,382Results
18/07/2015José Albino GarciaSilver Car S26:17,691Results
16/07/2016José Albino GarciaSilver Car S26:05,820Results
15/07/2017José Albino GarciaSilver Car S26:09,077Results
14/07/2018José Albino GarciaNorma M20F6:04,819Results
13/07/2019José Albino GarciaBRC B-496:12,526Results

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Subida a La Faya de Los Lobos – Accomodation

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