Title:Subida a La Cumbre
Place:Frontera (El Hierro)
Tracklength:7500 metres
Elevation change:504,34 metres
Altitude finishline:1200 metres
GPS coordinates:27°44’25.30″ – -18°1’29.65″
Fastest Time:3:33,572
Average Speed:126,42 km/h

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Subida a La Cumbre – List of Winners
31/07/1993Luis MonzonOsella BMW3:09,230
20/08/1994Antonio PonceMitsubishi Galant VR43:20,020
19/08/1995Antonio PonceMitsubishi Galant VR43:26,390
07/09/1996Ricardo AveroLola T2982:33,040
06/09/1997Carlos AlonsoOsella PA9/902:34,190
25/04/1998Ricardo AveroLola T298 BMW2:29,070
15/04/1999Ricardo AveroLola T298 BMW2:22,220
21/10/2006José Manuel GonzalezBRC3:03,266
08/09/2007José Manuel GonzalezBRC CM052:36,730
26/07/2008José Manuel GonzalezBRC CM052:35,479
29/08/2009Enrique CruzBRC CM022:36,211Results
28/08/2010José Manuel GonzalezBRC CM053:42,449Results
27/08/2011José Manuel GonzalezBRC CM05 EVO3:38,193Results
25/08/2012José Manuel GonzalezBRC CM05 EVO3:34,840Results
06/09/2014Julian FalconSilver Car S23:33,572Results
29/08/2015Enrique CruzPorsche 997 GT33:41,760Results
03/09/2016Jonathan MoralesSilver Car S23:36,129Results
02/09/2017Race stopped because of wrong permits
01/09/2018Enrique CruzPorsche 997 GT33:37,973Results
07/09/2019Sergio Carmelo FeblesOsella PA303:36,037Results

061021_lacumbre 100828_lacumbre 120825_lacumbre 130824_lacumbre 140907_lacumbre 150830_lacumbre 160903_lacumbre

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