Title:Subida de Haría
Tracklength:5500 metres (until 2018: 8500 metres)
Elevation change:290 metres (until 2018: 480 metres)
Altitude finishline:605 metres (until 2018: 575 metres)
GPS coordinates:29° 7′ 37.1994″ – -13° 28′ 50.88″
Fastest Time:2:28,062
Average Speed:133,73 km/h
Short Facts:Until 2018 the competitors raced between the two blue pinpoints on the map.

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Version used until 2018:

Version used since 2019:

Subida a Haría – List of Winners
10/08/1975Hilario GomezFormula Lince 16002:43,000
20/06/1980Manuel SuarezHonda Civic2:47,050
13/09/1981Diego SuarezHonda Civic2:51,400
22/08/1982Octavio MonzonIsuzu Gemini2:53,490
03/07/1983Pedro EstevezOsella BMW2:43,930
24/06/1984Pedro EstevezOsella BMW2:25,300
01/08/1985Pedro EstevezOsella BMW2:28,770
15/06/1986Medardo PerezLancia 037 Rallye2:25,760
21/06/1987Carlos AlonsoAlfa Romeo 75 Turbo2:44,860
19/06/1988Santiago AlvarezRenault 5 Turbo2:25,190
11/06/1989Santiago AlvarezRenault 5 Turbo3:15,370
10/06/1990Luis MonzonFord Sierra Cosworth3:20,290
23/06/1991Medardo PerezLancia 037 Rallye3:20,490
14/06/1992Angel CamachoFord Sierra Cosworth3:21,680
27/06/1993Luis MonzonOsella BMW3:01,730
26/06/1994Luis MonzonOsella BMW4:33,750
25/06/1995Antonio PonceMitsubishi Galant VR44:53,510
16/06/1996Ramon RodriguezFord Escort Cosworth3:08,760
21/06/1997Carlos AlonsoOsella PA9/904:37,950
20/06/1998Carlos AlonsoOsella PA9/904:30,661
19/06/1999Carlos AlonsoOsella PA9/904:23,403
17/06/2000Carlos AlonsoOsella PA9/904:30,042
16/06/2001Carlos AlonsoOsella PA9/904:26,251Results
08/06/2002Lito CamachoFord Escort WRC4:47,163Results
14/06/2003Oliver RodriguezSeat Cordoba WRC4:39,177Results
03/04/2004Oliver RodriguezSeat Cordoba WRC4:37,341Results
25/06/2005Carlos AlonsoOsella PA9/904:26,120Results
24/06/2006Enrique CruzBRC Suzuki4:27,102Results
30/06/2007Enrique CruzBRC Suzuki4:26,273Results
28/06/2008Jesus MachinSkoda Octavia WRC4:41,173Results
13/06/2009Jesus MachinSkoda Octavia WRC4:40,432Results
26/06/2010Jesus MachinSkoda Octavia WRC4:43,785Results
18/06/2011Ruben CurbeloMitsubishi Lancer EVO IX4:50,787Results
30/06/2012José Manuel GonzalezBRC CM05 EVO4:30,604Results
29/06/2013José Manuel GonzalezBRC CM05 EVO4:30,220Results
01/11/2014José Manuel GonzalezBRC B-494:24,551Results
21/06/2015José Manuel GonzalezBRC B-494:28,749Results
19/06/2016José Manuel GonzalezBRC B-494:26,800Results
25/06/2017Luis Felipe MonzonAudi R8 LMS4:21,004Results
23/06/2018Luis Felipe MonzonAudi R8 LMS4:16,789Results
22/06/2019Luis Felipe MonzonAudi R8 LMS2:28,062Results

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