Title:Subida al Garbí
Tracklength:6600 metres (until 2014: 5900 metres)
Elevation change:432 metres
Altitude finishline:560 metres
GPS coordinates:39° 43′ 19″ – -0° 24′ 35″
Fastest Time:3:29,606
Average Speed:101,33 km/h
Short FactsUntil the 2014 edition the race was competed from the green pinpoint towards the red pinpoint. The 2016 edition, that was cancelled at the very last minute, would have contested the road from the yellow pinpoint towards the red pinpoint on a 4530 metres long course.

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Subida al Garbí – List of Winners
02/12/2012Antonio AlarconDemon Car3:30,004Results
01/12/2013Saul ArnauSpeed Car GT3:29,606Results
14/12/2014Raul BorregueroMosler MT900R3:48,374Results

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