Title:Subida a Feria
Tracklength:3150 metres
Elevation change:140 metres
Altitude finishline:680 metres
GPS coordinates:38° 30′ 33″ – -6° 33′ 44″
Fastest Time:2:03,239
Average Speed:92,02 km/h

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Subida a Feria – List of Winners
1979Antonio CastroSimca Rallye
1980Javier MartinezFormula Selex F1430
1981Domingo NavarreteFormula Selex 1800
1982Carlos ObregónFormula Juncosa 1800
1983Carlos ObregónFormula Juncosa 1800
1984Alberto Gonzalez CambaFormula Selex 2000
1985Domingo NavarreteFormula Selex Toyota
1986Jesus Garcia MartinezRenault 5 GT Turbo
1987Domingo NavarreteFormula Selex Toyota
1988Javier MartinezMartine Renault Turbo
1989Antonio PerachoDallara Alfa Romeo
17/02/2018Antonio Luis CasimiroMitsubishi Lancer EVO X2:03,239Results
23/02/2019José Carlos PortaloMV Racing2:03,727Results
29/02/2020Adrian ArtidielloSilver Car S22:05,451Results

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