Title:Subida a El Time
Place:Los Llanos de Aridane
Tracklength:6150 metres
Elevation change:430 metres (6,6%)
Altitude finishline:515 metres
GPS coordinates:28° 39′ 45″ – -17° 56′ 0.2394″
Fastest Time:3:09,93
Average Speed:116,57 km/h

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Subida a El Time – List of Winners
1975Javier Acosta MartinFord Escort RS BDA3:58,100
1976Javier Acosta MartinFord Escort RS BDA3:58,800
1977Javier Acosta MartinBMW 2002 Alpina4:05,930
1978Javier Acosta MartinBMW 2002 Alpina4:10,020
1979Javier Concepcion LuisFormula Lince3:56,450
1980Javier Concepcion LuisFormula Lince3:57,430
1981Francisco Hernandez PerezTalbot Lotus4:01,390
1982Francisco Saavedra HernandezFormula Selex3:47,400
1984Pedro Estevez CastellanoOsella BMW3:51,710
1985Carlos Hafner CaufieldMitsubishi Lancer Turbo3:46,250
1986Carlos Hafner CaufieldMitsubishi Lancer Turbo3:44,600
1987Carlos Hafner CaufieldMitsubishi Starion Turbo3:45,180
1989Medardo Perez PerezLancia 037 Rallye3:38,190
1990Tomas Gimeno BelloMercedes 190E2:35,100
1997Pedro Perez RodriguezOsella BMW2:18,070
1998Nicomedes Perez GarciaFord Escort Cosworth3:10,870
1999Nicomedes Perez GarciaFord Escort Cosworth3:12,700
2000Gustavo Hernandez PerezBMW M33:19,940
2002Eduardo Lauren Garcia EstevezBRC3:24,750
2003Eduardo Lauren Garcia EstevezBRC3:25,180
2004José Antonio Torres BethencourtBRC Suzuki3:17,046
2005David Gonzalez HernandezSpeed Car3:15,844
2006David Gonzalez HernandezSpeed Car3:17,499
21/04/2007Enrique CruzBRC3:11,665Results
12/04/2008José Manuel GonzalezBRC Suzuki3:14,226Results
18/04/2009Lauren GarciaBRC Suzuki3:14,101Results
24/04/2010José Manuel GonzalezBRC CM05 EVO3:11,429Results
09/04/2011José Manuel GonzalezBRC CM05 Suzuki3:12,250Results
14/04/2012José Manuel GonzalezBRC CM05 EVO3:13,084Results
20/04/2013José Manuel GonzalezBRC CM05 EVO3:11,389Results
22/03/2014José Manuel GonzalezBRC B-493:10,616Results
25/04/2015José Manuel GonzalezBRC B-493:10,880Results
23/04/2016José Manuel GonzalezBRC B-493:09,930Results

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Subida a El Time – Accomodation

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