Title:Subida a El Pilar
Place:Zona Recreativo El Pilar
Tracklength:6700 metres
Elevation change:435 metres (6,69%)
Altitude finishline:1440 metres
GPS coordinates:28° 38′ 41″ – -17° 49′ 56″
Fastest Time:4:19,600
Average Speed:92,91 km/h

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Subida El Pilar – List of Winners
1992Tomas Gimeno BelloMercedes 190E4:52,920
1993José Maria Ponce AnguitaBMW M34:39,900
1994José Luis Ferraz RodriguezNissan Pulsar GTI4:49,540
1995Ricardo Avero BacalladoLola BMW4:25,000
1996José Luis Ferraz RodriguezNissan Pulsar GTI4:48,530
1997Ricardo Avero BacalladoLola T2984:18,600
1998Nicomedes Perez GarciaFord Escort Cosworth4:41,189
1999Ricardo Avero BacalladoLola T2984:15,479
2000Nicomedes Perez GarciaFord Escort Cosworth5:08,674
2001Carlos Alonso LambertiOsella PA9/904:28,160
2002Nicomedes Perez GarciaFord Escort Cosworth4:34,630
2003Ricardo Avero BacalladoLola T2984:21,588
2004José Antonio Torres BethencourtBRC4:21,846
2005Lauren Garcia EstevezBRC4:38,321
2006David Gonzalez HernandezSpeed Car GT4:38,051
22/09/2007Daniel Gonzalez HernandezSpeed Car GT4:19,918Results
20/09/2008Enrique Cruz RamosBRC CM02 Suzuki4:19,600Results
19/09/2009Lauren Garcia EstevezBRC CM024:23,180Results


Subida El Pilar – Accomodation

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