Title:Subida Dénia – Coll de Rates
Tracklength:3600 metres
Elevation change:200 metres (5,6%)
Altitude finishline:500 metres
GPS coordinates:38° 44′ 18″ – -0° 4′ 21″
Fastest Time:1:57,290
Average Speed:110,50 km/h
Short FactsFrom 1978 until 1991 the race was called Subida a Les Planes.

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Subida Dénia – Coll de Rates – List of Winners
1978Francisco PalomeroMartini2:24,000
1979José Miguel JordaFormula Selex2:29,000
1980José Miguel JordaFormula Selex2:27,000
1981Francisco PalomeroOsella BMW2:23,560
1982Antonio Lopez AguirreMartini MK122:18,530
1983José Vicente ArnauMartini MK122:16,060
1984Javier ClimentMartini MK122:14,720
1985José Vicente ArnauMartini MK342:08,370
1986Ramon BrucartLola Wurth1:59,680
1987Javier ClimentMartini MK372:02,520
1988José Vicente ArnauRalt RT301:57,180
1989Pantxo EgozkueOsella BMW1:55,250
1990Aitor ZabaletaLola BMW3:13,710
1991Luis MartinezLola BMW3:11,750
1992Luis MartinezLola BMW3:55,020
1993Javier ClimentLola BMW2:08,180
1994Luis MartinezOsella BMW2:02,700
1995Luis MartinezOsella BMW2:00,400
1996Luis MartinezOsella BMW2:01,400
1997Luis MartinezNorma BMW1:58,260
1998José Vicente ArnauRalt RT302:02,990
1999José Vicente ArnauOsella BMW2:08,500
2000José Ramon FernandezMartini MK392:05,380
2001Andrés VilariñoReynard F30002:01,150
2002Andrés VilariñoReynard F30001:57,290
2003Andrés VilariñoReynard F30001:58,200
25-26/09/2004Pantxo EgozcueReynard F30002:01,100Results
01-02/10/2005Gorka ApalantzaSpeed Car GT2:03,920Results
30/09-01/10/2006Gorka ApalantzaSpeed Car GT2:04,230Results
29-30/09/2007Pedro RocaSilver Car2:01,767Results
27-28/09/2008Pedro RocaSilver Car2:04,131Results
26-27/09/2009Iñigo MartinezSilver Car S22:04,240Results
25-26/09/2010Pedro RocaSilver Car S22:01,095Results

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