Title:Subida a Colmenar – Montes de Málaga
Tracklength:4024 metres (until 2015: 3500 metres)
Elevation change:126 metres (3,6%)
Altitude finishline:815 metres
GPS coordinates:36° 54′ 3.24″ – -4° 20′ 35.1594″
Fastest Time:2:05,173
Average Speed:115,73 km/h
Short FactsNot to be confused with the Subida a Colmenar de Oreja near Madrdid.

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Subida a Colmenar – Montes de Malaga – List of Winners
16-17/06/2012A: Antonio Romero
B: Luis Barrios

Silver Car
Silver Car
22-23/06/2013Antonio de los RiosSilver Car S22:02,617Results
14-15/06/2014Jonathan AlvarezBRC CM05 EVO1:57,531Results
20-21/06/2015Manuel AvilesDemon Car1:57,929Results
24-25/06/2016Manuel AvilesBRC B-492:09,749Results
17-18/06/2017Humberto JanssensPorsche 911 GT3 Cup2:10,710Results
16-17/06/2018Manuel AvilesBRC BR532:05,173Results
15-16/06/2019Humberto JanssensPorsche 9974:17,881Results

120617_colmenar 130623_colmenar 140615_colmenar 150621_colmenar 160625_colmenar

Subida a Colmenar – Accomodation

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