Title:Subida a Cofrentes
Tracklength:4650 metres
Elevation change:227 metres (4,88%)
Altitude finishline:670 metres
GPS coordinates:39° 13′ 49″ – -1° 54′ 19″
Fastest Time:2:24,146
Average Speed:116,13 km/h
Short FactsIn 2010 the track was 4900 metres long. The startline was in the same position, but the finish line was further uphill.

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Subida a Cofrentes – List of Winners
06/06/2010Andrés VilariñoNorma M202:21,087Results
30/10/2011José Vicente ArnauOsella PA9/902:24,146Results
21/10/2012Saul ArnauSpeed Car GT2:48,151Results

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