Title:Subida Cerro de los Cañones (Lanjarón)
Tracklength:3850 metres
Elevation change:154 metres (4,39%)
Altitude finishline:655 metres
GPS coordinates:36° 54′ 53.9994″ – -3° 30′ 41.3994″
Fastest Time:2:23,202
Average Speed:96,79 km/h

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Subida Cerro de los Cañones – List of Winners
06-07/07/2013Enrique CirreSpeed Car GTR2:27,269Results
05-06/07/2014Antonio de los RiosSilver Car S22:27,607Results
04-05/07/2015Manuel AvilesDemon Car2:27,109Results
16-17/07/2016Manuel AvilesBRC B-492:23,202Results
08-09/07/2017Humberto JanssensPorsche 991 GT3 Cup2:27,780Results
14-15/07/2018Augusto LezcanoNorma M20F2:27,482Results
13-14/07/2019Humberto JanssensPorsche 997 GT34:55,860Results

CARTEL SUBIDA 140706_lanjaron 150705_cerrodeloscanones 160717_lanjaron

Subida a Cerro de los Cañones – Accomodation

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