Title:Subida a Castrillón
Place:Castrillón (Boal)
Tracklength:4000 metres
Elevation change:250 metres
Altitude finishline:310 metres
GPS coordinates:43° 23′ 41.6394″ – -6° 48′ 5.7594″
Fastest Time:4:36,526 (2 runs)
Average Speed:104,15 km/h

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Subida a Castrillón – List of Winners
23/08/2003Ivan SuarezMartini MK344:31,000Results
21/08/2004José Ramon FernandezMartini MK394:28,238Results
27/08/2005José Ramon FernandezMartini MK394:21,872Results
26/08/2006Jose Ramon FernandezMartini MK392:10,497Results
18/08/2007Oscar PalacioSilver Car2:21,665Results
23/08/2008Oscar PalacioSilver Car2:21,978Results
22/08/2009José Fermin BustaBRC CM05 EVO2:21,197Results
28/08/2010Oscar PalacioBRC CM05 EVO2:20,854Results
27/08/2011Oscar PalacioSilver Car S22:19,359Results
25/08/2012José Fermin BustaBRC CM05 EVO2:18,864Results
10/08/2013Oscar PalacioSilver Car S24:41,847Results
02/08/2014José Luis AlonsoMitsubishi Lancer EVO VIII2:30,084Results
29/08/2015Rafael GuardiolaReynard RF10B4:42,665Results
27/08/2016Rafael GuardiolaReynard RF10B4:36,526Results
26/08/2017José Albino GarciaSilver Car S24:47,657Results
25/08/2018Juan Jesus AlvarezBRC CM05 EVO4:47,803Results
24/08/2019Rafael GuardiolaNorma M20F4:44,682Results

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Subida a Castrillon – Accomodation

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