Title:Pujada de Castell de Son Mas
Tracklength:4200 metres
Elevation change:211 metres (4,4%)
Altitude finishline:320 metres
GPS coordinates:39° 34′ 40.8″ – 2° 25′ 28.2″
Fastest Time:2:00,687
Average Speed:125,28 km/h

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Pujada Castell de Son Mas – List of Winners
26/06/2005Daniel LozanoSpeed Car GT2:15,699Results
24/06/2006Daniel LozanoBRC CM022:13,857Results
23/06/2007Pedro RocaSilver Car S12:09,646Results
21/06/2008Gabriel ArrabalSpeed Car GT2:13,552Results
21/06/2009Gabriel ArrabalBRC CM052:13,008Results
19/06/2010Gabriel ArrabalBRC CM052:12,524Results
18/06/2011Gabriel ArrabalBRC CM052:11,527Results
17/06/2012Juan José MollSpeed Car X-Treme2:00,687Results
06/07/2013Pedro MayolSilver Car S12:02,674Results
05/07/2014Pedro MayolSilver Car S12:05,492Results
04/07/2015Gabriel ArrabalSilver Car S22:11,183Results
03/07/2016Pedro MayolSilver Car S22:09,052Results
01/07/2017Antonio VillaSilver Car S12:08,620Results
07/07/2018Gabriel ArrabalSilver Car S22:08,155Results
06/07/2019Jaime CarbonellNorma M20F2:03,311Results

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Pujada a Castell de Son Mas – Accomodation

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