Title:Subida a El Puntal
Place:Cabretón (Valverde)
Tracklength:8200 metres (until 2013: 4150 metres)
Elevation change:60 metres
Altitude finishline:610 metres
GPS coordinates:41° 59′ 45″ – -1° 54′ 27″
Fastest Time:3:28,338
Average Speed:141,69 km/h
Short FactsStartline in 2013 is the yellow pinpoint on the map.

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Subida a El Puntal (Cabreton) – List of Winners
29/07/2012Sergi PañellaSilver Car S21:58,997Results
13/10/2013David PerezSilver Car S21:56,888Results
27/07/2014Ernesto RuizSilver Car S14:23,127Results
23/08/2015Arkaitz OrdokiSilver Car S24:11,436Results
27/10/2019Arkaitz OrdokiBRC B-493:28,338Results

120729_elpuntalcabreton 131013_puntal 140727_cabreton

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