Title:Subida a Arrate
Tracklength:4990 metres
Elevation change:375 metres (7,51%)
Altitude finishline:575 metres
GPS coordinates:43° 11′ 16″ – -2° 28′ 07″
Fastest Time:2:44,329
Average Speed:109,32 km/h
Short FactsBetween 2004 and 2007 the racetrack was 290 metres shorter.

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Subida a Arrate – List of Winners
17/04/2004Andrés VilariñoReynard F30002:29,120Results
02/05/2005Ander VilariñoReynard F30002:26,128Results
22/04/2006Ander VilariñoReynard F30002:26,914Results
26-27/07/2008Pedro RocaSilver Car2:48,488Results
04-05/07/2009Pedro RocaSilver Car S22:44,329Results
02-03/07/2010Pedro RocaSilver Car S23:02,705Results

860427_arrate 090705_arrate

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