Title:Subida a Arona – La Escalona
Tracklength:4400 metres
Elevation change:282 metres (6,6%)
Altitude finishline:1000 metres
GPS coordinates:28° 6′ 23″ – -16° 41′ 6″
Fastest Time:2:18,599
Average Speed:114,29 km/h

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Subida a Arona – La Escalona – List of Winners
11/07/2009Lauren GarciaBRC CM052:38,874Results
10/07/2010José Manuel GonzalezBRC Suzuki2:38,328Results
16/07/2011José Manuel GonzalezBRC Suzuki2:36,645Results
17-18/11/2012Javier VillaBRC CM05 EVO2:31,125Results
19-20/10/2013Javier VillaBRC B-492:31,121Results
12-13/07/2014Lauren GarciaOsella PA212:35,042Results
21-22/03/2015José Manuel GonzalezBRC B-495:11,059Results
22/10/2016Simone FaggioliNorma M20 FC2:18,599Results
07/10/2017Jonathan MoralesSilver Car S22:34,635Results
20/10/2018Javier RodriguezBRC CM05 EVO2:33,985Results
19/10/2019Fausto BormoliniReynard K022:25,210Results

140713_arona 150321_arona 161022_arona

Subida Arona – La Escalona – Accomodation

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