Title:Pujada Alp 2500 (Pujada Alp – Masella)
Tracklength:6100 metres (until 2016: 6000 metres)
Elevation change:417 metres (6,77%)
Altitude finishline:1575 metres
GPS coordinates:42° 22′ 22.0794″ – 1° 53′ 17.1594″
Fastest Time:5:41,351 (2 runs)
Average Speed:128,67 km/h

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Pujada Alp 2500 (Alp – Masella) – List of Winners
01/09/2012Ferran PujolDemon Car3:09,349Results
14/07/2013Francesc MunnéDemon Car3:13,729Results
26-27/07/2014Angela VilariñoNorma M20F8:41,437Results
25-26/07/2015Andrés VilariñoNorma M20F5:57,388Results
23-24/07/2016Javier VillaBRC B-526:05,924Results
15-16/07/2017Dimitri PereiraNorma M20F6:00,283Results
14-15/07/2018Javier VillaBRC BR-535:41,351Results
13-14/07/2019Javier VillaBRC BR-535:42,029Results

150726_alp 160724_alp

Pujada Alp 2500 – Accomodation

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