Title:Subida de Alajeró
Tracklength:6000 metres
Elevation change:380 metres (4,6%)
Altitude finishline:1290 metres
GPS coordinates:28° 4′ 13.0794″ – -17° 14′ 18.5994″
Fastest Time:3:16,530
Average Speed:109,91 km/h

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Subida a Alajeró – List of Winners
22/05/2010José Manuel GonzalezBRC CM05 EVO3:19,190Results
25/05/2013Jonathan MoralesSilver Car S23:16,530Results
19/05/2018José Manuel GonzalezBRC BR533:18,915Results


Subida a Alajeró – Accomodation

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