Title:Subida a Agulo – Las Rosas
Tracklength:4300 metres
Elevation change:330 metres (7%)
Altitude finishline:530 metres
GPS coordinates:28° 11′ 12″ – -17° 11′ 48″
Fastest Time:2:17,284
Average Speed:112,76 km/h

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Subida Agulo – Las Rosas – List of Winners
28/05/1999Ricardo AveroLola T298 BMW2:39,70
27/05/2000Antonio PerezOsella PA82:57,13
26/05/2001Miguel Angel ReyesMG Metro 6r42:55,10
27/05/2006César CorreaBRC Suzuki2:19,78
21/05/2007Enrique CruzBRC CM022:21,10
24/05/2008Enrique CruzBRC CM022:18,16
30/05/2015Pedro PerezBRC CM05 EVO2:17,284Results

080524_agulo 150530_agulo

Subida Agulo – Las Rosas – Accomodation

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