Title:Subida A Bola – Furriolo
Tracklength:5000 metres
Elevation change:253 metres (5%)
Altitude finishline:740 metres
GPS coordinates:42° 8′ 8.88″ – -7° 55′ 42.5994″
Fastest Time:4:53,901 (2 runs)
Average Speed:122,49 km/h

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Subida Furriolo (A Bola / Celanova / Ourense) – List of Winners
14-15/07/2012Toño VarelaOsella PA20/S5:04,576Results
13-14/07/2013César RodríguezT.Castor TC3/C5:05,104Results
05-06/07/2014César RodríguezBRC B-495:31,737Results
22-23/08/2015Javier VillaBRC B-494:53,901Results

120715_abolaforriolo 130714_abolafurriolo 140706_abola 150823_abolafurriola

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