Title:PAV Zvolen – Ostrá Lúka
Tracklength:2650 metres
Elevation change:160 metres (6,4%)
Altitude finishline:440 metres
GPS coordinates:48° 33′ 43.1994″ – 19° 2′ 48.84″
Fastest Time:2:23,288 (2 runs)
Average Speed:133,16 km/h

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PAV Zvolen – Ostra Luka – List of Winners
14-15/09/2002Peter RuislLucchini P35-95M2:40,969Results
13-14/09/2003Otakar KramskyOsella K03 BMW2:27,057Results
25-26/09/2004Jaroslav KrajciLola F30002:20,653Results
17-18/09/2005Jaroslav KrajciLola F30002:25,119Results
30/09-01/10/2006Juraj SladeckaLola F30002:30,828Results
25-26/08/2007Jaroslav KrajciReynard F30002:25,188Results
13-14/09/2008Jaroslav KrajciReynard Nippon2:25,308Results
26-27/09/2009Andrej KrajciLola F30002:32,269Results
18-19/09/2010Andrej KrajciLola T96/502:31,384Results
24-25/09/2011Andrej KrajciLola T96/502:25,954Results
01-02/09/2012Dusan NeverilNorma M20 FC2:23,288Results
14-15/09/2013Igor DrotarSkoda Fabia WRC2:40,126Results
13-14/09/2014Jozef BeresMitsubishi Lancer2:43,831Results
05-06/09/2015Jozef BeresSkoda Fabia WRC2:37,138Results
27-28/08/2016Jozef BeresTatuus Renault2:35,992Results
26-27/08/2017Jozef BeresTatuus PY0122:31,906Results
08-09/09/2018Veroslav CvrcekSkoda Fabia2:31,961Results


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