Title:Jankov Vrsok
Place:Uhrovec (Banovce nad Bebravou)
Tracklength:3700 metres
Elevation change:250 metres
Altitude finishline:515 metres
GPS coordinates:48° 44′ 9.24″ – 18° 20′ 30.1194″
Fastest Time:3:29,697 (2 runs)
Average Speed:127,04 km/h

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Jankov Vrsok – List of Winners
04-05/08/2001Jaroslav KrajciRalt F30003:40,330Results
03-04/08/2002Jaroslav KrajciLola F30003:45,060Results
02-03/08/2003Jaroslav KrajciLola F30003:40,045Results
31/07-01/08/2004Otakar KramskyOsella K04 BMW3:41,522Results
06-07/08/2005Jaroslav KrajciLola Zytek3:36,352Results
05-06/08/2006Juraj SladeckaLola F30003:55,588Results
05-06/05/2007Igor DrotarSkoda Octavia WRC4:24,864Results
04-05/08/2007Jaroslav KrajciReynard F30003:37,198Results
02-03/08/2008Jaroslav KrajciLola F30003:42,690Results
27-28/09/2008Jaroslav KrajciLola F30003:33,719Results
02-03/05/2009Andrej KrajciOpel Lotus3:54,553Results
01-02/08/2009Mariusz StecMitsubishi Lancer EVO IX3:53,099Results
31/07-01/08/2010Andrej KrajciLola F30003:42,482Results
06-07/08/2011Andrej KrajciLola T96/503:43,566Results
04-05/08/2012Tomasz NagorskiSubaru Impreza3:49,043Results
03-04/08/2013Jaroslav KrajciLola B02/503:29,697Results
24-25/05/2014David KomarekNorma M20 FC EVO3:35,260Results
02-03/08/2014Tomasz NagorskiSubaru Impreza3:44,720Results
23-24/05/2015David KomarekNorma M20 FC EVO3:33,750Results
01-02/08/2015David KomarekNorma M20 FC EVO3:34,062Results
30-31/07/2016Igor DrotarSkoda Fabia3:45,830Results
29-30/07/2017Jozef BeresTatuus PY0123:40,230Results
04-05/08/2018Veroslav CvrcekSkoda Fabia3:37,735Results
03-04/08/2019Veroslav CvrcekSkoda Fabia3:37,628Results

130803_jankovvrsok 140525_jankovvrsok 140803_jvrsok 150524_jankovvrsok 150802_jankovvrsok

The small town of Uhrovec lies at the foot of the Jankov Mountain. The 585m tall mountain is topped by a large column which commemorates the Slovakian uprising in 1944. The four sides of the column represent the nationalities of the fallen. This particular site was chosen as it saw a bloody retaliation by the German occupiers.
The Jankov mountain lies in the southwest of the Strážov Mountains. A few dozen kilometres to the north the mountains are protected in a reservation. There the mountains can be as tall as 1200m and frame deep gorges, waterfalls or caves. The most beautiful area is in the north around Považská Bystrica.
The nearest city is Trenčín, some 35km to the west. The medieval castle is one of the most famous landmarks of Slovakia.

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