Title:Moris Cup Jahodná
Tracklength:4750 metres
Elevation change:199 metres (4,18%)
Altitude finishline:535 metres
GPS coordinates:48° 45′ 37.8″ – 21° 10′ 47.28″
Fastest Time:3:38,182 (2 runs)
Average Speed:156,75 km/h

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Moris Cup Jahodna – List of Winners
06-07/06/2009Martin KoisFord Focus4:15,099Results
05-06/10/2010Andrej KrajciLola F30002:04,991Results
04-05/06/2011Andrej KrajciLola F30003:57,036Results
09-10/06/2012Vaclav JanikLola B02/504:02,890Results
08-09/06/2013Jaroslav KrajciLola B02/503:39,124Results
31/05-01/06/2014Vaclav JanikLola B02/503:53,481Results
30-31/05/2015Tiziano RivaReynard 92D3:44,117Results
21-22/05/2016Vaclav JanikNorma M20 FC3:38,182Results
20-21/05/2017Vaclav JanikNorma M20 FC3:44,567Results
19-20/05/2018Veroslav CvrcekSkoda Fabia3:50,003Results

Moris Cup Jahodná – Accomodation

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