Title:Cupa Resita (also known as Memorialul Werner Hirschvogel)
Tracklength:4820 metres (until 2014: 3850 metres)
Elevation change:150 metres
Altitude finishline:410 metres
GPS coordinates:45° 16′ 50.1234″ – 21° 53′ 32.388″
Fastest Time:4:12,951 (2 runs)
Average Speed:137,20 km/h

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Cupa Resita – List of Winners
24-26/06/2005Gunther GraefToyota Celica1:58,681Results
19-21/05/2006Victor BaldescuFord Escort1:55,836Results
08-10/09/2006Lucien HoraFord Escort Cosworth1:54,622Results
27-28/10/2007Lucien HoraFord Escort Cosworth1:53,053Results
04-06/07/2008Lucien HoraFord Escort Cosworth1:55,609Results
10-12/10/2008Heinz GollnerAudi RS41:50,576Results
02-04/10/2009Silviu DumitrescuDallara F3941:47,920Results
02-04/07/2010Lucien HoraLola F30001:41,857Results
01-03/07/2011Lucien HoraLola F30002:06,964Results
29/06-01/07/2012Lucien HoraLola F30002:06,683Results
06-07/07/2013Lucien HoraLola F30003:25,089Results
05-06/07/2014Lucien HoraLola B99/503:20,463Results
01-02/07/2017Andrei DumitrescuTatuus4:19,950Results
30/06-01/07/2018Andrei DumitrescuTatuus4:12,951Results
29-30/06/2019Stefan StoevSilver Car EF104:14,294Results

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