Title:Circuito Municipio da Calheta / Rampa Paul do Mar
Tracklength:6500 metres
Elevation change:605 metres
Altitude finishline:635 metres
GPS coordinates:32° 45′ 41″ – -17° 13′ 45″
Fastest Time:3:41,10
Average Speed:105,83 km/h

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Circuito Municipio da Calheta / Rampa Paul do Mar – List of Winners
06/11/2010Filipe Freitas / Paulo AndradeMitsubishi Lancer EVO X7:58,40Results
10/11/2012Duarte Ramos / Luis RamosMitsubishi Lancer EVO IX4:07,20Results
02/11/2013André Costa NevesBRC CM023:48,30Results
08/11/2014Gil Freitas / Duarte MirandaPorsche 997 GT33:49,50Results
07/11/2015Gil Freitas / Duarte MirandaPorsche 997 GT33:42,40Results
12/11/2016Gil Freitas / Duarte MirandaPorsche 997 GT33:41,10Results
25/11/2017Dinarte NobregaSemog EVO3:49,90Results
10/11/2018Dinarte NobregaSemog EVO3:43,417Results
09/11/2019Dinarte NobregaSemog EVO3:41,832Results

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