Title:Rampa do Caramulo
Tracklength:2850 metres
Elevation change:145 metres (5,1%)
Altitude finishline:920 metres
GPS coordinates:40° 34′ 9.4794″ – -8° 10′ 17.3994″
Fastest Time:2:29,555 (2 runs)
Average Speed:137,21 km/h

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Rampa do Caramulo – List of Winners
1979Antonio BarrosAurora Porsche RSR1:59,18Results
05-06/09/2009Pedro SalvadorJuno SSE2:42,362Results
03-04/09/2010Paulo RamalhoJuno SSE2:46,507Results
02-03/09/2011João FonsecaSilver Car2:45,222Results
08-09/09/2012Pedro SalvadorJuno CN092:40,092Results
07-08/09/2013Pedro SalvadorJuno CN112:36,700Results
06-07/09/2014Carlos TorresNorma M20 FC2:52,531Results
12-13/09/2015Tiago ReisFord Fiesta3:17,085Results
02-03/07/2016Rui RamalhoOsella PA21/S2:37,082Results
15-16/07/2017Rui RamalhoOsella PA20002:29,555Results
14-15/07/2018Rui RamalhoOsella PA20002:36,768Results
13-14/07/2019João FonsecaSilver Car EF102:37,278Results

140907_caramulo 150913_caramulo 160703_caramulo

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