Title:Rampa de Bragança
Tracklength:5000 metres
Elevation change:247,4 metres (4,53%)
Altitude finishline:1075 metres
GPS coordinates:41° 45′ 47.5194″ – -6° 48′ 19.4394″
Fastest Time:4:37,571 (2 runs)
Average Speed:129,70 km/h

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Rampa de Bragança – List of Winners
26-27/06/2010Paulo RamalhoJuno SSE4:49,544Results
25-26/06/2011Paulo RamalhoJuno SSE4:57,334Results
25-26/08/2012Pedro SalvadorJuno SSE4:47,947Results
15-16/06/2013Pedro SalvadorJuno CN114:37,571Results

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