Title:Grand Prix Sopot
Tracklength:3050 metres
Elevation change:108 metres
Altitude finishline:135 metres
GPS coordinates:54° 27′ 5.4″ – 18° 32′ 39.8394″
Fastest Time:2:44,397 (2 runs)
Average Speed:133,58 km/h

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Grand Prix Sopot – List of Winners
05-06/07/2003Pawel DytkoMitsubishi Lancer EVO VII3:07,407Results
10-11/07/2004Mariusz StecMitsubishi Lancer EVO VI2:52,632Results
23-24/07/2005Mariusz StecMitsubishi Lancer EVO VI2:49,608Results
08-09/07/2006Mariusz StecMitsubishi Lancer EVO VI1:24,562Results
07-08/07/2007Mariusz StecMitsubishi Lancer EVO VI2:54,761Results
12-13/07/2008Robert KusMitsubishi Lancer EVO VI2:51,773Results
04-05/07/2009Mariusz StecMitsubishi Lancer EVO IX2:59,105Results
03-04/07/2010Mariusz StecMitsubishi Lancer EVO IX3:02,878Results
09-10/07/2011Mariusz StecMitsubishi Lancer EVO IX2:58,357Results
07-08/07/2012Tomasz NagorskiSubaru Impreza WRX2:53,398Results
13-14/07/2013Rafal GrzesinskiMitsubishi Lancer EVO IX2:54,903Results
12-13/07/2014Rafal GrzesinskiMitsubishi Lancer2:58,811Results
22-23/08/2015Rafal GrzesinskiMitsubishi Lancer2:55,139Results
20-21/08/2016Igor DrotarSkoda Fabia2:58,608Results
19-20/08/2017Waldemar KluzaSkoda Fabia2:49,512Results
18-19/08/2018Michal RatajczykMitsubishi Lancer2:44,397Results
17-18/08/2019Szymon LukaszczykMitsubishi Lancer2:46,392Results

130721_sopot 150823_sopot

The coastal town of Sopot in Poland is not the first place you would expect a hillclimb. Located between Gdansk and Gdynia it is actually very different from those cities. While its two neighbours are harbours and developed their industry, Sopot became a spa and developed large resorts. The largest wooden pier in Europe lies on the bay in front of the city.
From 1920 until 1939 Sopot was part of the Danzig Free State. It was here that the Invasion of Poland began and therefore the start of the Second World War.
Sopot lies in the Gdansk Bay. From the north it is almost sheltered from the Baltic Sea by a long and narrow strip of sand called the Hel Peninsula. The peninsula is 100m at its smallest and 3000m at its widest. The shallow water (2m-6m deep) inside its embrace makes it the perfect spot for a seaside holiday.

Grand Prix Sopot – Accomodation

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