Title:Wyścig Górski Czarna Góra / Wyścig Górski Sienna
Tracklength:2770 metres
Elevation change:201 metres (7,3%)
Altitude finishline:900 metres
GPS coordinates:50° 15′ 47″ – 16° 49′ 32″
Fastest Time:2:57,277 (2 runs)
Average Speed:112,50 km/h

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GSMP Sienna – List of Winners
10-11/05/2003Pawel DytkoMitsubishi Lancer EVO VII3:17,703Results
21-22/05/2005Mariusz StecMitsubishi Lancer EVO VI3:12,671Results
22-23/07/2006Pawel DytkoMitsubishi Lancer EVO VI3:05,740Results
21-22/07/2007Mariusz MalyszczyckiSkoda Fabia WRC3:07,725Results
02-03/08/2008Robert KusMitsubishi Lancer EVO VI3:07,144Results
20-21/06/2009Mariusz StecMitsubishi Lancer EVO VI3:06,017Results
21-22/08/2010Mariusz StecMitsubishi Lancer EVO IX3:04,038Results
01-02/10/2011Tomasz MikolajczykMitsubishi Lancer Ultraleggera3:04,118Results
21-22/07/2012Tomasz NagorskiSubaru Impreza2:59,867Results
17-18/08/2013Tomasz NagorskiSubaru Impreza2:57,277Results
23-24/08/2014Waldemar KluzaMitsubishi Colt3:06,826Results
06-07/06/2015“Dubai”Mitsubishi Lancer3:03,843Results
07-08/09/2019Szymon LukaszczykMitsubishi Lancer3:09,565Results

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