Title:Wyścig Gorski Magura Małastowska
Tracklength:3610 metres (2015-2016: 3440 metres) (2014: 3180 metres)
Elevation change:170 metres
Altitude finishline:600 metres
GPS coordinates:49° 33′ 44″ – 21° 14′ 57″
Fastest Time:3:26,160 (2 runs)
Average Speed:126,07 km/h
Short FactsBlue pinpoint on the map shows 2016 startline.

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Wyscig Gorski Magura Malastowska – List of Winners
04-05/10/2014Waldemar KluzaMitsubishi Colt2:57,356Results
11-12/07/2015Andrzej SzepieniecMitsubishi Lancer3:20,071Results
25-26/06/2016Andrzej SzepieniecMitsubishi Lancer3:19,638Results
24-25/06/2017Waldemar KluzaSkoda Fabia3:30,534Results
16-17/06/2018Waldemar KluzaSkoda Fabia3:26,160Results
22-23/06/2019Szymon LukaszczykMitsubishi Lancer3:28,634Results

150712_magura 160626_magura

Wyścig Gorski Magura Małastowska – Accomodation

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