Title:Stallovë Hillcimb
Tracklength:3000 metres (until 2015: 2800 metres)
Elevation change:180 metres
Altitude finishline:950 metres
GPS coordinates:42° 42′ 22″ – 21° 15′ 54″
Fastest Time:3:15,388 (2 runs)
Average Speed:110,55 km/h

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Stallovë – List of Winners
03-04/05/2014Naim DashajSubaru Impreza WRX3:05,97Results
14-15/06/2014Valdet KrasniqiLancia Delta HF3:26,53Results
23-24/05/2015Valdet KrasniqiLancia Delta3:23,538Results
24-25/10/2015Liridon KalenderiAudi RS43:15,738Results
16-17/09/2017Bardhyl CanolliRadical SR8LM3:15,388Results
12-13/05/2018Gazmend DemolliOpel Astra3:32,444Results
21-22/09/2019Bardhyl CanolliRadical SR8LM1:24,479Results

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