Title:Coppa Città di Volterra (former title: Salita delle Balze)
Tracklength:6650 metres
Elevation change:300 metres
Altitude finishline:450 metres
GPS coordinates:43° 26′ 55″ – 10° 50′ 23″

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Competed seven times from 1964 until 1970. Was revived in the 1980’s as a slalom event. Returned from 1996 until 2000 under the name Salita delle Balze. Starting from the 2002 edition the name was changed to Coppa Cittá di Volterra.

Coppa Città di Volterra – List of Winners
02-03/08/2003Armando ManginiOsella PA20/S BMW6:16,49Results
30/04-01/05/2005Franco CinelliOsella PA20/S6:15,44Results
10-11/06/2006Franco CinelliOsella PA20/S BMW6:06,52Results
26-27/05/2007Omar MaglionaOsella PA21/S Honda7:46,13Results

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