Title:Coppa Val d’Anapo Sortino
Tracklength:5750 metres
Elevation change:288 metres (4,5%)
Altitude finishline:480 metres
GPS coordinates:37° 8′ 53″ – 15° 3′ 20″
Fastest Time:6:33,09 (2 runs)
Average Speed:105,32 km/h

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Coppa Val d’Anapo Sortino – List of Winners
23/10/1966“Raveto”Abarth 2000
15/10/1967Alfio GamberoFiat Abarth 1300
03/10/1968Pietro Lo PiccoloFerrari Dino 206S
12/10/1969Pietro Lo PiccoloFerrari Dino 206S
04/10/1970Domenico ScolaFiat Abarth 2000
03/10/1971Domenico ScolaChevron
01/10/1972Angelo GilibertiFiat Abarth 2000
07/10/1973Domenico ScolaMarch
06/10/1974Domenico ScolaMarch
05/10/1975Domenico ScolaMarch
26/09/1976Enrico GrimaldiOsella PA7
30/10/1977“Ivan”Renault Alpine
03/09/1978“Popsy Pop”Osella
30/09/1979Enrico GrimaldiOsella PA7
28/09/1980Pietro La PeraOsella PA7
04/10/1981Giuseppe VirgilioOsella PA9
03/10/1982Benny RosoliaOsella PA8
02/10/1983Gigi TommasiRenault Turbo
07/10/1984“M. Arriva”Osella PA9
06/10/1985Francesco PatanèOsella
05/10/1986Enrico GrimaldiOsella PA9
04/10/1987Giovanni CassibbaOsella PA9
02/10/1988Riccardo VinciOsella
05/11/1989Enrico GrimaldiOsella PA10
21/10/1990Giovanni CassibbaOsella PA9
14-15/10/2006Luigi BruccoleriOsella PA21/S8:01,80Results
13-14/10/2007Luigi BruccoleriOsella PA21/S7:50,06Results
18-19/10/2008Giovanni CassibbaOsella PA20/S7:09,54Results
17-18/10/2009Salvatore TavanoTatuus Master6:46,42Results
12-13/06/2010Vincenzo ConticelliOsella PA216:51,98Results
22-23/10/2011Giuseppe SpotoSpeed Suzuki6:49,61Results
19-20/10/2013Domenico CubedaOsella Honda6:43,42Results
22-23/07/2017Luca CarusoRadical Prosport7:04,78Results
19-20/05/2018Domenico CubedaOsella FA307:40,90Results
04-05/05/2019Luca CarusoOsella PA20006:33,09Results

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