Title:Cronoscalata Susa – Moncenisio
Tracklength:4000 metres
Elevation change:320 metres
Altitude finishline:980 metres
GPS coordinates:45° 8′ 40″ – 7° 1′ 21″

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The tracklength until 1953 was slightly over 22 kilometres. At the very beginning the startline was situated at the famous Augustan Arc, while the finish was on the top of the mountain pass. From 1986 until 1988 the tracklength was 8 kilometres. The startline was more or less on the same position as on the map above but the finish further uphill.
What made the Susa – Moncenisio unique since 1986 was the combination of Slalom and Speed Hillclimbing at the same event. Although the last speed hillclimb took place in 2008, the slalom events have continued.

Susa – Moncenisio – List of Winners
27/07/1902Vincenzo LanciaFiat 124 HP
10/07/1904Vincenzo LanciaFiat 75 HP
05/07/1905Felice NazzaroFiat 100 HP
09/07/1914Ferdinando MinoiaBèbè Peugeot
12/07/1920Remy RevillePeugeot
21/07/1921Alfieri MaseratiIsotta-Fraschini
23/07/1922Alfieri MaseratiIsotta-Fraschini
22/07/1923Alfieri MaseratiDiatto
05/07/1925Diego de SterlichDiatto
21/09/1926Giulio AyminiDiatto
10/07/1928Giuseppe CampariAlfa Romeo
05/07/1931Achille VarziBugatti
02/07/1933Umberto BorzacchiniAlfa Romeo
18/07/1937Mario TadiniAlfa Romeo 1900
24/07/1949Piero TaruffiCisitalia 1200
30/07/1950Giovanni BraccoFerrari 1500
22/07/1951Willy DaetwylerAlfa Romeo 4500
19/07/1953Willy DaetwylerAlfa Romeo 4500
27/07/1986Giuseppe TamboneOsella PA9
19/07/1987Giuseppe TamboneOsella PA9
10/07/1988Giuseppe TamboneOsella PA9
06/07/1991Ezio BaribbiOsella PA9
12/07/1992Ezio BaribbiOsella PA9
20/09/1998Pasquale IrlandoOsella PA20
1999Mauro NestiOsella BMW
2000Roberto NovaraLancia Delta HF
22/07/2001Armando ManginiOsella PA20/S BMW
27/07/2002Armando ManginiOsella PA20/S BMW
06/07/2003Armando ManginiOsella PA20/S BMW
03-04/07/2004Renzio NapioneOsella PA20 BMW4:29,05Results
20-21/05/2006Giuseppe PrestiLucchini P3/934:42,72Results
27/05/2007Renzio NapioneOsella PA20 BMW
06/07/2008Silvano CarmellinoLancia Delta

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