Title:Coppa Sila / Salita della Sila
Place:Celico / Cosenza
Tracklength:9500 metres
Elevation change:579 metres (5,9%)
Altitude finishline:1615 metres
GPS coordinates:39° 18′ 37″ – 16° 21′ 25″
Fastest Time:5:04,89
Average Speed:112,17 km/h
Short FactsPart of the European Hillclimb Championship between 1974 and 1983.

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The Coppa Sila was first organised in 1924 but was not an hillclimb until 1959. 31 editions were competed until 1983. The event was restarted in 1994 and until 2000 another 4 editions took place. After another long break the 36th edition of the Coppa Sila was competed in 2014.
After the last edition in 1983 when it seemed like the Coppa Sila was gone forever, a different club took the challenge of organising races on the famous road near Cosenza. These races were not called Coppa Sila anymore but instead Salita della Sila. After the first succesful edition in 1986 another 25 runnings of the Salita della Sila took place.

Coppa Sila / Salita della Sila – List of Winners
29/06/1959Nino Todaro18:47,40
04/09/1960Mario Piccolo19:24,20
11/08/1963Domenico Scola18:26,20
28/06/1964Domenico Scola10:09,10
29/06/1965Ferdinando Lattero10:24,60
19/06/1966Ignazio Capuano9:20,00
18/06/1967Domenico Scola9:29,30
30/06/1968Peter Schetty8:58,30
29/06/1969Domenico Scola8:53,20
28/06/1970Domenico Scola8:44,10
06/06/1971Domenico Scola8:51,00
11/06/1972Carlo Facetti8:34,20
10/06/1973Mauro Nesti6:50,70
07/07/1974Mauro Nesti6:32,10
18/07/1976Mauro Nesti6:29,50
18/06/1978Mauro Nesti6:23,74
15/06/1980Jean-Louis Bos6:25,57
21/06/1981Mario Casciaro6:29,67
25/07/1982Mauro Nesti6:14,50
03/07/1983Mauro Nesti6:04,88
19/06/1994Antonio Ritacca6:20,79
23/06/1996Pasquale Irlando6:23,48
18/07/1999Giovanni Cassibba6:20,06
18/06/2000Giovanni Cassibba6:23,97
27-28/10/2001Giovanni CassibbaOsella PA20/S BMW5:09,38Results
20-21/04/2002Fulvio GiulianiLancia Delta EVO6:08,61Results
31/05-01/06/2003Rosario IaquintaOsella PA20/S BMW5:20,53Results
31/07-01/08/2004Franco CinelliOsella PA21 BMW5:13,54Results
29-30/10/2005Carmelo ScaramozzinoBreda BMW6:15,59Results
22-23/07/2006Luigi BruccoleriOsella PA215:17,88Results
23-24/06/2007Carmelo ScaramozzinoBreda BMW5:23,16Results
25-26/10/2008Antonino IariaOsella PA20/S BMW4:28,87Results
30-31/05/2009Antonino IariaOsella PA20/S BMW5:15,97Results
2010Antonio RitaccaOsella PA20/S BMW5:21,42
06-07/08/2011Luigi BruccoleriOsella PA275:03,98Results
06-07/10/2012Domenico Scola jr.Osella PA21/S4:57,74Results
12-13/07/2014Domenico Scola jr.Osella PA20005:57,62Results
20-21/06/2015Francesco FerraginaElia Avrio ST096:38,79Results
30/06-01/07/2018Domenico ScolaOsella PA21/S5:07,98Results
03-04/08/2019Danny MolinaroOsella PA21 JRB5:04,89Results

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