Title:San Gregorio – Burcei
Tracklength:7223 metres
Elevation change:425 metres
Altitude finishline:610 metres
GPS coordinates:39° 17′ 44″ – 9° 21′ 28″
Fastest Time:8:05,04 (2 runs)
Average Speed:107,22 km/h

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San Gregorio – Burcei – List of Winners
1950Enrico MancaLancia Aurelia
1952Enrico MancaLancia Aurelia Berlina
1954Gigi OlivariAlfa Romeo
1955Gigi OlivariAlfa Romeo
1957G. LigasFiat 1100 TV
1958MarghinottiAlfa Romeo Giulietta
1959Carlo SelisAlfa Romeo Giulietta
1960Carlo SelisAlfa Romeo Giulietta
1961Carlo SelisAlfa Romeo Giulietta
1962Mario CasulaLancia Appia Zagato
1963Carlo SelisAlfa Romeo Giulietta
1964Luigi BiggioFiat Abarth 1000
1965Luigi BiggioFiat Abarth 1000
1968Gianni VaccaFiat Abarth 1000
1969P. MontiAlfa Romeo Giulia GTA
1970Mariano SpadaforaAbarth 2000 SP
1971“Amphicar”Abarth 2000 SP
1972Franco LocciChevron B21
1975Erasmo BolognaLancia Stratos
1976Franco LocciChevron B21
1977Franco LocciOsella PA5 BMW
1981Mauro NestiOsella PA9 BMW
1982Mauro NestiOsella PA9 BMW
2003Franco CinelliOsella PA20/S BMW
15-16/05/2004Franco CinelliOsella PA20/S BMW8:05,04Results
2005Marco SattaOsella PA20/S BMW
23-24/09/2006Franco LasiaOsella PA20/S BMW8:17,11Results
16-17/10/2010Franco LasiaOsella PA20/S BMW8:26,65Results
28-29/05/2011Auro SiddiLucchini P38:20,10Results
12-13/05/2012Antonio LasiaOsella PA20/S8:17,68Results

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