Title:Salita Castello di Radicondoli / Coppa Radicondoli
Tracklength:3900 metres
Elevation change:205 metres
Altitude finishline:460 metres
GPS coordinates:43° 14′ 29″ – 11° 1′ 26″
Fastest Time:3:32,66 (2 runs)
Average Speed:132,04 km/h

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This hillclimb was organised twice as a modern event in 2007 and 2008. It was also organised 12 times as an historic event, the last taking place in 2010. The modern event was called Coppa Radicondoli, while the historic event was called Salita Castello di Radicondoli.

Coppa Radicondoli – List of Winners
24-25/03/2007David BaldiOsella PA21/S4:07,18Results
05-06/04/2008David BaldiOsella PA21/S3:32,66Results

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